Professional Series 3D Printer

GM3D600 Professional SeriesTHINK BIGGER

With the ability to produce prints with an available build volume of 355mm x 254mm x 700mm you will be able to produce larger products faster.


Manufactured with an all aluminum case and utilizing 8mm & 12mm case-hardened rods and linear bearings with 1/32" stepper accuracy, this printer is built for fast accurate reliable prototyping.


With the biggest build volume for your dollar, the GM3D600 printer is providing a better product at a lower cost which translates to higher margins and more profit. The removable polymer print bed eliminates lifting problems and makes removal a snap.


Available with a variety of available add-ons and upgrades, your GorillaMaker 3D Printer will keep you on the leading edge of 3D printing.

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Download GM3D600 Spec Sheet


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