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Let's Build a Snowman

Posted by GorillaMaker on

Let's Build A Snowman

It doesn't have to be snowing at your house to build a snowman.  Delight your kids, or your own inner child, with Frozen's Olaf from Disney!  No matter the weather outside, this 3D printed Olaf won't melt.  Sing with me now... "Let it Go..."

TimePrint Time
≈ 6h 17m

MeasurementsWidth = 59.18 mm | Height = 74.30 mm
Length = 62.67 mm | Layer Height .20 mm

Filament Usage

Filament Used
≈ 33,290.5 mm

* Raft and Support was added to the model
* Model was printed in pieces - Head, Body, 2 Arms, 2 Feet
* Thingiverse STL File :