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I Need More Minions!

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I Need More Minions!

"I need more minions!"  Who hasn't said that a time or two?  With GorillaMaker it's easy to print your own army of minions whenever  you need them!  Anyone who's seen Despicable Me (One or Two) knows that these funny and adorable minions stole the show.  Print a few extras so the kids won't play with yours!

TimePrint Time
≈ 12h 19m

MeasurementsWidth = 63.15 mm | Height = 96.04 mm
Length = 59.91 mm | Layer Height .20 mm

Filament Usage

Filament Used
≈ 64356.6 mm

* Raft and Support was added to the model
* Thingiverse STL File : Darth Minion & Minion Dave