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Christmas Sugar Cookies

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Christmas Sugar Cookies

Cookie Cutters - Christmas Stocking

How about this for homemade cookies from start to finish: print your own cookie cutters, make and bake sugar cookies, then frost and decorate the delectable treats!

That's exactly what we did at GorillaMaker headquarters.

Our team knows that it's not good enough to just get a good 3-D print. In this case, your printed cookie cutters also have to produce a great finished product.  Otherwise, what's the point?

Veteran baker and GorillaMaker staffer, Christine Luken, road tested the cookie cutters during her annual Christmas cookie baking marathon.  Here's her verdict: "The stocking and the gingerbread man turned out great.  The cookie cutters left a nice crisp design on the cookies, so you have the option to frost them or not.  The candy cane cutter was problematic because the grooves for the imprint were too deep.  Several times the dough stuck to the cutter despite heavy flouring.  The resulting candy cane cookie was thinner than the others, so it came out over baked."

So, a big thumbs up for the gingerbread man and stocking 3-D printed cookie cutters and a thumbs down for the candy cane.  If you'd like Christine's Famous Christmas Sugar Cookie recipe, you can find it HERE.


Print Time
≈ 3h 45m


Width = 226.93 mm | Height = 275.89 mm
Length = 44.21 mm | Layer Height .20 mm
(total for printing all 3 pieces together)

Filament Usage

Filament Used
≈ 14041.3 mm

* No Raft or Support was added to the models
* Thingiverse STL File : Candy Cane
* Thingiverse STL File : Christmas Sock
* Thingiverse STL File : Gingerbread Cookie