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Professional Series 3D Printer

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GorillaMaker’s Objective in Education

  • Prepare each student with the skills for the jobs of tomorrow.
  • Build curriculum and classroom tools to assist student learning.
  • Provide Teachers with continuing education credited training and certification in 3D printing.


3D Printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing, is utilized in many manufacturing industries.  These industries include:

  • Automotive
  • Health Care
  • Consumer Goods
  • Food
  • Machinery
  • Textiles

Rocket Science

The aerospace and defense industries see 3D printing as important to making new designs practical and for holding the line on costs.  3D Printing continues to accelerate the speed for turning ideas into reality.

Aerospace generally has been one of the most enthusiastic adopters of 3D printing. General Electric Co. has been 3D printing fuel nozzles for aircraft engines. GE also developed its Advanced Turboprop engine, where 3D printing reduced the number of parts from 855 to 12.

Oil & Gas

One increasingly crucial application of 3D printing in the energy sector is seen in the spare parts market. The high cost of downtime and logistical challenges of distribution to wide-spread, remote locations has amounted to overstocking of spare parts. 3D printing provides a solution through fast, on-demand printing of legacy parts from an on-site system or a 3D printing service provider. 

Instead of taking a 250 mile helicopter ride to secure a critical replacement part needed on an oil rig, it can be 3D printed on sight.



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What Our Customers Say

The folks at Gorilla Maker produce the best product in the education sector and they back all of their products with a support level that has far exceeded my expectations. I have used 4 different brands of 3D printers and I can say with full confidence that you will not find a better combination of versatility, quality, and service. With previous products from other companies, I felt alone and unsure of how to service, repair and maintain my units. With Gorilla Maker I received timely support, helpful videos catered to my exact issue and face to face visits when I was unable to figure out what to do next. Glenn and Shelley go above and beyond.

Kyle M.

I had never even seen a 3D printer before let alone taught 3D printing to a class. The Gorilla Maker 3D printer is amazing and so is the staff! They have made the transition into the 3D world easy!

Tricia O.

I have worked with GorillaMaker and the Warner family for the past 3 years. Each time has been exceptional and customer service is always a priority. We utilize 3 printers in our classroom and the quality of the product is top notch compared to our 1  competitor model.

Mike H.

Glenn and Shelley were both amazing. They spent a lot of time training us how to properly use our 3D printers. They made sure they took video tutorials of how to work everything properly and sent them to us, which is extremely helpful. Glenn checked to make sure everything was working properly before he left and if there was anything he was not happy with, he fixed it in a timely manner. Shelley made sure that myself and my co-workers at Nagel Middle School were more than comfortable using their software. She took the time to explain the why behind everything in their software, which really helped me understand why things are set up a certain way. We definitely would refer them to anyone who is thinking about ordering a 3-D printer.

Ashley T

Awesome place to go to and also to buy.  You can’t beat the qulaity for the price.  I’ll be a lifetime customer.

Joshua B

My name is Dan, CEO of a contract machining company.  Our company purchased one of your industrial Gorilla maker machines several years ago.  We have been very happy with the machine.  We use the machine for a wide variety of applications.  Our applications cross several business needs.

We have used the .4mm and the .8mm tips for different purposes.  We use the .4mm tip when we are looking for fine detail in proto-type parts.  If speed is our driver, the .8mm tip works very well.  Much of our work is servicing the medical industry.  The models are very useful for engineering meetings to discuss during the development process.

Several of our customers and even our own engineering department will use the models for concept.  In some development processes, we will use the printed models for holding fixtures.

I want to thank you for the service on the machine.  Every time we have had any questions about plastics or machining operations, your staff has been very helpful.  This is also helpful in fine-tuning geometry for my own inventions or ideas.

Thanks for your continues support and product workmanship.

Dan, CEO of Contract Machining Company